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Plant Cell Technology “PCT, Inc.” has been supplying tissue culture labs with equipment and contamination solutions for over 20 years. To learn more, visit about Plantcelltechnology.com
We are the world’s leader in developing innovative antimicrobial solutions and have recently been representing manufacturers that have developed COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Lateral Flow Rapid Test Kits.

After 25 years of operating in the tissue culture and lab distribution space, . Plant Cell Technology Diagnostics was created to supply medical professionals with the supplies they need fast and reliably. Backed by our reputable names and decades of experience in the distribution space, PCT Diagnostics is committed to do its part in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.  Plant Cell Technology Diagnostics is a subdivision of Plant Cell Technology. To learn more about our parent company Plant Cell Technology, visit us at Plantcelltechnology.com.

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